Bad Ass Beer Soap


by Indigo Bee

The Epic Pairing of Two Craft Industries

It's a match made in craft-heaven!  Combine craft beers with craft soap and the result is some bad ass beer soap.  Made BY HAND in Tampa, Florida by a Certified "Saponificologist", not only are the soaps great to look at, they smell fantastic (and surprisingly NOT like stale beer) and clean like nobody's business! 


Geez, like we don't get that question every single day......

First, we boil the beer to get rid of the carbonation and the alcohol (GASP!).  We add water to this horribly flat, alcohol-free beer and then combine this with Sodium Hydroxide, aka "Lye"...have you seen Fight Club?  Yeah, just like that. 

Through many, many years of experimentation (think "Doc" from Back to the Future on a bad hair day), we have perfected the ideal blend of pure, food-grade vegetable oils for our soap base.  We combine the sad, flat beer/lye/water solution to the oils and mix it like a DJ at an underage rave.  We throw in some fragrances, some color and slap it (seriously) into a wooden mold.  

It sits overnight and the "saponification" process occurs (now you know what that word means, there will be a test later).   After about 24 hours, we unwrap that soap like we're 4 year old kids on Christmas Day and cut the soap into bars.  We stamp the soaps, shrink wrap and slap (there's that word again) a sticker on it.  Pack and ship directly to you.  You sniff it, love it, sell it, reorder it.  It's a beautiful circle of soap life.  

We are proud to formulate and produce ALL of Cigar City Brewing's beer soap, sold online and in their Tasting Room in Tampa, Florida!!!!

Bad Ass Beer Soap Listings:


No. 2 - IPA 

No. 3 - Wheat 

No. 4 - Sour 

No. 6 - Summer Shandy 

No. 7 - Pumpkin Ale