Who Are We?

Based in the Tampa Bay area, in the middle of the Sunshine State, Indigo Bee was started in late 2006 by Trista Page, a single mom of three girls.  While in college in the early 90's, she developed a business plan in a required course for her Finance degree.  The business plan was developed for a natural skin care and makeup line.  Being young and inexperienced, the plan was a super idea, but the fictitious company was bankrupt by year five despite the extensive research and her creative packaging and marketing ideas.  The idea, put on the back burner while she pursued a career in the finance and banking sector, was simmering in the background. 

Fed up with the quality of soaps and skin care products sold in the mass marketplace filled with preservatives and chemicals, she decided to dust off the business plan and start anew. Plus, having a daughter with a life-threatening allergy to all nut products and shellfish, along with terrible eczema, she couldn't find any bath products that didn't make her daughter's condition worse.  Perfect conditions for an entrepreneur!  The result was Indigo Bee and the first product was natural 100% vegetable oil soap.  The soap was made in her kitchen at home while her baby girls were asleep. The first batch was NOT a success and she had to go back to the drawing board and re-formulate the recipe.  The next batch was perfect and she gave all of the soap away to neighbors, family & friends.  A week or two later, those same “guinea pigs” were asking for more soap and offering money for each bar!

Indigo Bee has evolved and changed over the years, adding new products and retiring old products and formulas. The most recent addition to the product lineup is the Bad Ass Beer Soap line, formulated with craft beer.  This pairing was the result of an inquiry by Cigar City Brewing, one of the largest and most successful craft breweries in Florida.  Indigo Bee has been a full time business with a retail store located in South Tampa to an online-only part time business, operated during nights and weekends while a "real" job was pursued. Through it all, we have stuck by our belief that soap should be simple and real and not filled with unnecessary chemicals and ingredients. 


Trista Page, President/CEO

Bad Ass No. 1, Chief Saponificologist

Certified Advanced Soapmaker



Appearances and Accolades

  • WFLA’s Going Green segment December 2009
  • Daytime TV Info Segment August 2009
  • South Tampa News September 2008
  • St Pete Times “Holiday Gift Guide” December 2009
  • Tampa Bay Illustrated “The A List” July 2009
  • Vertical Tampa Bay Oct 2012
  • Gift Shop Magazine Winter 2012