Wholesale Inquiry

We offer both of our product lines for wholesale purchase.  Custom soaps are welcome as well!  Email us for specifics on pricing/terms etc.  You must have a Tax ID to order wholesale products. 

Combine craft beers with craft soap and the result is some Bad Ass Beer Soap.  Made with YOUR brewery's craft beer (or a local brewery's beers), it's a unique way to increase your retail sales.   If you are looking to add a unique product to your retail offerings, give us a holler and let's see what we can craft together!  Interested?  Drop us a line at sales@badassbeersoap.com. Or call us at 813.215.1615.

If you are interested in carrying the Indigo Bee brand (does NOT include craft beer in the manufacturing process), email us at bee@indigobeesoap.com. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours.